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"I’m lucky enough to have my business with this company. The move was non-stop! As they arrived at my place, work started and continues until the last of my appliances are loaded to the truck and unloaded to my new condo unit. Our communication prior to the move was remarkable. The transaction went through fast and easy and I’ve got great discounts with that good agent of yours. The move was good. They handled my things very easy, those heavy loads and long sofa. I’m thankful nothing was scratched because those things are really expensive and others are with sentimental value for me. I can see that you guys did a great job of taking care of my belongings. Thank you for making a good move for me."

--- Kurt, 31, Boston

"It was a wonderful move. The movers were approachable and fun to chat with. They were hard working and have good attitude. The rates were fine and are within my budget. I’ve got a good move with a good deal. This company impressed me with their service. These movers took care of my belongings real good! They were the best movers I’ve come to work with so far and their service satisfied me. There were no damages at all and the best part of it was their being time conscious! Since this service is based on hourly rate, they understood that I want it fast to minimize my expenses. I am grateful of this company."

---- Michelle, 36,Boston

"It was a good move. I’m glad we had accomplished such big move though there were some issues with furniture of mine. It was pleasant that you’ve handled it properly. The customer service you have is great and thank you for making my moving experience good enough to trust your company. The level of your service isn’t normal, it’s superior. I’ve tried to work with other mover these past few months and your service is by far, the most reliable and satisfying service I’ve come across with. With your price, the quality of your work is overwhelming. Plus the positive personalities of your movers, the move went successfully. Thanks!"

--- Irvin, 28, Boston

"I’ve had a great move with this moving company last week. They were very professional from start until it finished. When I booked, the lady was graceful in telling me details about the rates and the service. They made sure it was crystal clear so that there were no problems when the transaction goes on. Though technical problems won’t be avoided easily, they made it up to me immediately and so the move continued. The movers were on time and there is nothing more I can say but they work pretty well. The guys you’ve sent to me were great and courteous. The move went well, they were quick and efficient! Thanks a lot!"

---- Leila, 34, Boston